Apprenticeship Program

We are proud to run an In-House Apprenticeship Program in conjunction with the Government Modern Apprenticeship scheme. This program is designed to take a complete novice and in two years if the apprentice applies themselves develop the basic skills and knowledge they require to diagnose and carry out both partial repairs and full services on modern watches to industry standards.

The Program:

The apprenticeship is broken into modules, at the end of each module the apprentice will be assessed and having passed the assessment will progress to the next module.

Module 1 – An Introduction to Watch Servicing:
Learning to use and maintain the basic tools and equipment for servicing watches and undertaking ‘partial repairs’ to quartz / mechanical watches.

Module 2 – Servicing and Correcting Faults in Quartz Watches:
Learning how to test, dismantle, identify and correct faults, reassemble and lubricate quartz movements.

Module 3 – Servicing and Refinishing Watch Cases and Bracelets:
Learning how to identify and correct faults, refinish watch cases and bracelets, sealing and water resistance testing.

Module 4 – Dismantling, Cleaning, Reassembling, Lubricating and Adjusting a Manual Winding Movement:
Learning how to test, dismantle, reassemble, lubricate and adjust manual winding movements.

Module 5 – Servicing and Correcting Faults in a Manual Winding Movement with Dial and Hands:
Learning to identify and correct a range of faults while servicing manual winding movements.

Module 6 – Servicing and Correcting Faults in Automatic Watches:
Learning how to test, dismantle, identify and correct faults, reassemble and lubricate automatic winding movements.

Once this training is completed the apprentice will take a final exam servicing and refinishing; a quartz watch and an automatic watch. These will then be assessed and if the apprentice’s work reaches the required standard they will then become a qualified production watchmaker.

Post Apprentice Development
This will be the first step in what we hope will be a long and rewarding career. At STS Group we encourage all our staff to continue to develop themselves, as our business grows and new opportunities arise we will provide you with appropriate in-house and watch house training as your career advances.