Omega Speedmaster MKII 145.014 case refurbishment.

A request by a client to have their MKII Speedmaster case returned to the original factory finish. On inspection the case and back were found to be heavily polished with all the sunburst finish removed and the case rounded.

Due to the condition of the case it would require laser welding to rebuild material where it had been removed by previous polishing. As we don’t want to further remove material and reduce the size of the case further this is the best course of action.

Rounded case with a polished finish. All the original angles have been polished off.

You can see how much laser welding is required to reinstate the original factory finish and angles with a horizontal sanding machine.

Worn edges are laser welded to add material ready for lapping.


Now that the laser welding is complete we can refinish the case to its original factory finish using a lapping machine as well as polishing machines and purpose built vertical and horizontal sanding machines.

Case back lapped and original case lines have been restored.

Reapplied sunburst finish using lapping machine, the case is now ultrasonically cleaned ready for reassembly and quality control.