All our watches are serviced to the exacting standards required by Omega and, as such, following a full service they are returned to their owners in factory condition (where possible) with a comprehensive two-year warranty. Once the watch has been assessed in our Estimating Department an estimate is compiled and submitted to the customer for the work required via post or, if requested, by email. Upon receipt of instructions to proceed every watch will undergo the following process:

Movement preparation, cleaning and rebuilding

The watch will be completely dismantled by hand and any worn or defective parts will be replaced. The movement will then be ultrasonically cleaned, reassembled, lubricated to manufacturers’ specifications and electronically timed. We carry an extensive range of spare parts for most calibres to ensure that your watch is returned to factory condition.

Case preparation

The case will be dismantled to component parts and sent to our Casing Department. There it will be ultrasonically cleaned, tidied and re-brushed to give the correct factory finish. This process is meticulously carried out by hand for each watch we service.

Parts Department

Our Spare Parts Department holds a comprehensive stock of Omega spares, many of which are now obsolete. Stock is maintained on our computerised system via barcoding in order that we run at maximum efficiency. Spare parts are for our internal use only and are not sold to either the trade or the public.


Once the case is returned and the movement rebuilt, the watch will be reassembled by hand by one of our Watch Technicians. This will include fitting a new power cell (where appropriate on quartz and electronic models), crown, glass and all seals necessary to restore water-resistant properties (where applicable). We only use genuine Omega parts.

Once the service work has been completed the Watch Technician responsible undertakes the final checking of the watch prior to it being passed on to our Quality Control Department.

Quality control and Waterproof checking procedures

In our Quality Control Department the watch is checked to ensure that it falls within the necessary criteria for each particular model.

If the watch is a water-resistant model, as part of the quality control cycle it will be tested for water tightness. Subject to the condition of the case we are able to achieve the same degree of water-resistancy as when the watch was new, even though it may be many years old. Various waterproofing procedures are carried out by several different machines according to the type of watch case involved and can be pressure tested to a depth of 400 metres for professional divers’ models.

The watch is then checked on two further occasions during a 48 hour testing period.

Return to customer

After undergoing a full service and successfully passing through the testing period, the watch is returned along with a two-year guarantee which includes parts and labour. Any partial repairs are returned with a 12 months guarantee on the parts replaced.

The watch will be returned in an Omega pouch via Royal Mail Special Delivery (next day before 1pm) and fully insured. For international customers watches are returned via Royal Mail Airsure. Customers can request an alternative shipping method, if required, or are welcome to collect their watches in person (see contact page).

If requested to do so when instructing us to proceed with the repair, we can telephone or email to inform you that the watch is ready for despatch.