Swiss Time Services has been the United Kingdom’s approved Omega service centre for vintage Omega watches since 1993.  Occupying purpose built premises of 7,000 square feet, we employ 30 staff and cater for virtually all vintage Omega models and calibres.  

During the course of a year we receive in excess of 18,000 Omega watches, most of which are over 20 years old.  Omega is one of the world’s most well known premium Swiss watch brands and we take pride in being able to cater for all of our customers’ individual needs.  

Our facilities reflect our commitment to the highest quality of standards, utilising state of the art equipment and highly trained Watch Technicians.  We cater for all the needs of our customers from a simple battery replacement to the total renovation of your vintage timepiece.

In 2008 we created a separate divison called SWISSTEC dedicated to specialising in the repair of other high quality Swiss brand watches.

SWISSTEC have also been appointed as the official after sales Service Centre for EBEL watches and the BALL Watch Company.

For further information go to swisstec.co.uk